FoodProm1 was established by people with a long-standing experience in the pastry industry, who shared their love for the fine homemade ice cream and their dream for the creation of a strong brand.

FoodProm1 is situated in Argos, an area with a tradition of fine and high-quality raw materials, while it operates a production unit with modern facilities, using state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and well-trained human resources.

Η FoodProm1 evolves on a daily basis by using new technologies and continues its rapid development, by keeping pace with the demands and needs of today’s consumers.

The company is active in the production, processing, standardization of and trade in fresh ice cream and sweets. Our products reach on a daily basis the consumers through a wide distribution and sales network that includes selected retail stores (super market, mini market, corner shops, kiosk, etc) and catering establishments.